"the aim of education is to teach us how to think, not what to think"

I approach teaching from the perspective that my students are their own best teacher. They spend more time with themselves working through music than they do with anyone else and my goal is to make that time as efficient and effective as possible. Each student begins lessons with a different goal, whether that be to help improve their performance in the classroom, or to pursue the possibilities outside of the classroom, and lessons will be tailored to meet their own personal wishes. From the basics of scales, etudes, studies, and literature, I provide my students with as many tools as I can for their tool box. From there, excerpts and solo repertoire take the role of where these tools are applied to build a wonderful relationship between my students and their music. I strive to find opportunities for my students to perform in as many different environments as possible to help them grow and create new milestones on their journey with music. I currently teach private lessons on all brass instruments and piano, coach chamber ensembles, work with brass sections, aid in marching band rehearsals, and everything else in between. I am available evenings and weekends to teach in the Kansas City area!